We believe that learning is the beginning of life-long joy and fulfilment. John Taggart discovered his love of learning as a young boy in rural Scotland. Reading and solving puzzles was his playtime. As a growing adult, his love of learning took him all over the UK and Canada, eventually finding his home in Australia. Here, he managed two professional tuition centres on Brisbane's North Side for 10 years, sharing the joy of learning with countless learners. In 2020, John founded Taggart Tutors. He hopes to change the lives of more and more learners with a specialised team of like-minded educators. Join us in making the world a happier place and discover the joy of learning at Taggart Tutors. 


Thank you so much for all of your help, assistance and emotional reassurance over the last 5 years! I honestly would not have been able to finish Grade 12 and uni without you and Shay! It has been such an amazing experience and I have learned more from you guys as teachers than I ever have from my uni or school teachers by far! You have truly been so influential in my life and I will be forever grateful. 

Sophia Martin (QUT Graduate)

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