Here at Taggart Tutors, we personalise learning. We want learners to enjoy the learning process, to feel excited to learn, and to know that it’s possible for them to achieve and succeed.

Our team has over 10 years’ previous experience providing professional tuition to holistically support learners. We identify and address their learning needs by using Curriculum expectation as a catalyst to discover their own capability, and to develop self-belief in their potential to understand. We want learners to experience a positive relationship with learning, from the beginning and for life.

John Taggart Headshot.jpeg

John Taggart

Founder and Educational Consultant


John was born to educate. He believes in the power of understanding as key to self-belief and personal fulfilment for life. John arrived in Australia from his native Scotland in 2010, and quickly began managing 2 highly successful professional tuition centres. In 2020, John founded his own company, Taggart Tutors, with the goal of sharing his experience and developing his tuition services to meet the needs of every learner in the community and beyond. John prefers the professional tuition environment to teaching in school as it allows him to not only identify individual needs for learners, but to meet them where they are as people. John personalises learning.

When not teaching or developing tuition services, John can be found at the theatre or cinema, reading historical fiction, or playing on the floor with Taggart Tutors’ Head of Barketing Handkerchief ‘Hank’ Gough-Taggart.  


Nick K.

Assistant Manager // Senior Tutor // Education and Learning Facilitator

Tertiary, High School and Primary Mathematics 

Nick has been working with John as a highly valued tutor since 2012, and has supported over 120 one-to-one learners to achieve their personal academic goals. He holds both a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Mathematics/Japanese and Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education. Nick has taught in High Schools and as a professional tutor at 4 different Learning Centres in Brisbane. He loves his work with us because his 2 favourite things are Maths and helping people understand and enjoy Maths. However, beyond maths, Nick will often be found on a running or cycling track on Brisbane’s Northside, and values staying fit and healthy.


Lily Y.

Tutor // Education and Learning Facilitator

Early Childhood Development Literacy and Numeracy Acquisition

English, Humanities and Written Expression (Primary)

Lily began working with John as a professional tutor in 2015, and has been expertly tutoring Early Years and Primary-aged learners ever since. Her vast experience working with children possessing a range of learning needs and responses to learning will be invaluable in her intended career as a Primary School teacher. Lily loves working at Taggart Tutors because we provide such a unique educational environment. Being able to get to know individual learners so well over sustained period of time allows her to make personalised teaching choices based on their needs and interests as people. When not working as a tutor, Lily can be found nurturing her vegetable garden, or teaching her growing family of dogs new tricks.

Bec S.


Senior Tutor // Education and Learning Facilitator

Early Childhood Development and Literacy and Numeracy Acquisition

English, Humanities and Written Expression (Primary, Senior and Tertiary)

Bec has worked as a professional tutor for John since 2018, supporting a diverse range of learners. Bec recognises that many learners are faced with roadblocks that hinder their ability to see success. For her, removing roadblocks through tailoring approaches and seeing students as people is incredibly rewarding. Her tuition models and instils a love of learning and pursuit of excellence.


In High School, Bec represented Queensland and Australia in both sporting and academic pursuits, graduating as Dux of several subjects. Bec is currently obtaining a Bachelor of Nursing at QUT, and her name holds a proud place on the Dean's List. Her nursing research will shortly be published into well-respected academic journals. 

Beyond academic and work life, Bec enjoys her role with Queensland Debating as a coach and adjudicator, but if she can ever find time at home, she’ll be spending it in the kitchen or snuggled up on the couch with her cats.


Shay L.


English, Humanities & Written Expression (High School & Tertiary)

Shay has been tutoring professionally with John since January 2018. She currently holds 2 degrees; a Bachelor of Arts with double-major of Journalism and Literature, and a Diploma of Arts, History and Ancient History. Shay is very experienced in supporting young people to succeed, and prior to professional tutoring, she held positions in student support services and mentoring, with a focus on educational equity and accessibility. Shay tutors because she enjoys helping students improve their literacy skills. She believes that through developed reading, writing and comprehension skills, students can gain a richer and more complex understanding of the world around them (both physical and digital). 

When not tutoring, she can either be found reading (historical & popular fiction and magical realism are personal favourite genres), or cooking up a new dish! 

Anna S.

Tutor // Education and Learning Facilitator

Early Childhood Development, Literacy and Numeracy Acquisition

Anna has been working as a professional tutor with John since March 2019. She possesses a Graduate Diploma of Education in Visual Art and Drama, and teaches at various high schools around Brisbane. Since completing her Bachelor of Creative Industries in 2010, Anna has been working as a theatre-maker and performer both nationally and around the world, achieving awards and nominations for multiple productions, including a Matilda Award nomination in 2019. Anna values working at Taggart Tutors and in education because she wants to impart both her skills and her enthusiasm for learning to the next generation.


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Louis D.

Tutor // Education and Learning Facilitator

Early Childhood Development, Literacy and Numeracy Acquisition

English, Humanities and Written Expression (Primary)

Louis began working with John as a professional tutor in 2015, and holds both a Bachelor of Music (Hons.) and a Diploma of Education. Louis teaches at several Brisbane schools, as well as privately tutoring learners in all ages in music theory and vocal lessons. As an experienced educator in a range of environments, including in the classroom and at home, Louis values the supportive atmosphere Taggart Tutors provides to both its students and tutors, and shares the passion the team has for the nurturing of students' learning. When not tutoring or making music, Louis can be found playing board games with friends and enjoying a few rounds of tennis with his family.


Tutor // Education and Learning Facilitator

Early Childhood Development, Literacy and Numeracy Acquisition

Senior English, Humanities and Written Expression

Cameron joined the Taggart Tutors team in 2020, and currently holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film, Television and New Media. He is pursuing a teaching career, and is undertaking an Education Masters at QUT. Cameron offers his services as a tutor because he loves watching students undertake and succeed at challenging tasks, while growing and developing into their own person. He believes that every learner has the capability to succeed with the right support, and he intends to provide that support to those who need it.

Cameron  also possesses over 2 years of experience delivering outstanding customer service as Assistant Manager at Dendy Cinemas, where he led a team of over 50 - so if you’d like to know which movies are worth checking out, Cameron’s your man to talk to! 

Cameron Y.


Brock F.

Education and Learning Facilitator

Brock joined John's team as a professional tutor in 2018, and is committed to service in life as an educator. He holds a workplace Cert III in Early Childhood Education, and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Education Secondary. Brock consistently strives to develop and expand upon his own educational knowledge skills.

Brock values working for John at Taggart Tutors because of the way we form relationships with our learners and how effectively tutors bring a holistic approach to education. He admires the passion and effort that each of the tutors bring every day, and finds his colleagues “amazing - it's great to be a part of people working in their element with students”. 


Beyond supporting learners, Brock enjoys watching and playing sport, especially basketball, and gaming - so he’s the man to talk to if a learner has an interest in Fortnite or Minecraft!

Barney G

Senior Tutor // Marketing Consultant

Early Childhood Development, English, Humanities and Written Expression (Primary and Senior)

Barney began working as a professional tutor in 2012 and has experience working with people of all ages and disciplines. In particular, Barney is passionate about sharing a love of learning, fearlessness in the face of the unknown and loves to see his learners exceed their own expectations. Barney is a sessional tutor and guest lecturer at Queensland University of Technology in their Creative Industries Faculty and is an active contributor to the Brisbane theatre scene, working as a director and performer. 


Barney holds a Master of Fine Arts (Research) degree and his creative work has toured across Australia and to London. When Barney is not teaching or making theatre, he can be found sewing, cooking and listening to an audio-book or podcast. 


Handkerchief (Hankie)

Head of Barketing

Hank entered the world in 2020, and joined the team shortly afterwards. He is beloved by learners and tutor staff alike, and is often on-hand to provide moral support for learners. Hank is a strong believer in stress relief, and he has calmed many learners to support them to face difficult challenges. When not working with learners to allay their overwhelm, Hank loves nothing more than a game of tug-of-war or chasey, visiting his friends to play at the dog park, or settling down to tuck into a bowl of Chicken Chunkers.